miniature weaving & embroidery, laser cut ornaments

That's me teaching a wet felting class on a bright sunny day.
My husband is pretty creative too. This was our New Year's card last year. (Yes that is me as the genie!)
A detail of one of my gallery exhibition pieces. Digital printing with hand embroidery. "Eye Spy"
I have gotten good at taking photos of my own hands for tutorials and patterns.
Raw materials. There's a lot of prep before I start: drilling, sanding, removing sticky paper from the laser cutting.

High tech meets low tech = fiber art.

I am a total geek for the combination of fiber art and technology and I use those elements to create work both to sell in my shop here at Etsy and to show at gallery exhibitions in the Midwest region. The love of "high tech" draws me to laser cut materials like bamboo and acrylic and digitally manipulated and engineered photographs printed on to fabric. The love of "low tech" brings in hand embroidery, weaving and even tatting to bring contrast and texture to a design.

My other passion is teaching. I teach classes on digital fabric design, Etsy shop set up, digital self publishing, and nearly every kind of fiber art technique. I worked for 11 years as the director of education at an art center that specializes in fiber art ( and there I wrote curriculum, coordinated classes and trained other artists and teachers . I recently retired from that job to go back to making art full time. I am currently writing a book in partnership with Spoonflower all about digital fabric design. It will be out in Fall 2015. (be sure to visit my website and sign up for my email list for updates on the book and more.)

I like to make things that make me happy. The collection of tiny fiber art tools was totally inspired by the memory of obsessing over miniature things when I was a kid. Instead of Barbie dolls, my sister and I had a pair of tiny Steiff bears (named Cinnamon and Honey) for whom we sewed endless wardrobes and built furniture. When my dad built a new cabinet to hold the stereo and record player, we sweet-talked him in to making us a replica in miniature for the "bear-bears". The first sweater I knit was for that same four inch tall bear and when I learned smocking, I made her a tiny red gingham sundress. All the mini looms and tiny sewing machine ornaments are just the right size for the bears.

The "Learn to Weave" looms are designed especially for all of the parents who have asked me "Is there a simple loom I can buy for my kid? She really wants to learn how to weave."
Having taught hundreds of kids to weave on looms made from cardboard or styrofoam trays, I know that this style of "simple frame loom" makes sense to just about everybody, but the cardboard variety is completely beat up and useless after one project. My looms literally grew up from the ornament versions I was making into an ultra simple but cool loom you can learn to use in just a few minutes.

I live in Minneapolis with my husband and two black labs.
Becka Rahn
owner, maker, designer, curator
I am a geek for fiber art and technology; a full time teacher and fiber artist; and passionate about helping other artists learn technology, photography and fiber art and design skills.
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