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Busy Little Bees

We are a mother and daughter team, creating lovely artful things. Inspired by nature.

Nancy is mom. She is also an embroiderer, and designer, living along the coast of South Carolina. She loves the sun and beach and spending time in her garden. And when Nancy is not creating beautiful new pieces, she is riding her bike, walking her dogs or hunting for new treasures and inspirations to add into her pieces.

Laura is a professional photographer and designer who now lives in Philadelphia, PA. It is rare to find her without a camera and her two dogs. She too loves to travel, outdoor activities, gardening and the ocean (like mother like daughter).

Together they design and create each piece of jewelry, from bead selection to the final packaging.

Our love of handmade doesn't just include the jewelry & photography we make. It also includes an online handmade gift shop. Our shop features all handmade goods - jewelry, pottery, home decor, apparel, baby, photography & more! For more information on our gift shop, visit

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