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Creating products with text and designs hidden in Begriddled puzzles

Late in 2018 I had an idea for a new kind of puzzle that involves joining single-digit numbers (or other characters) arranged in a grid pattern according to two simple rules and a ten-digit (or -character) sequence to reveal hidden content, such as a message or picture.

Although I was able to create simple puzzles on paper using the idea, it took me ages, and it was some time before I developed techniques to speed up the process enough to make it practical to create more "interesting" puzzles in an acceptable (to me) time.

It will be no surprise to learn that these techniques are semi-manual.

In the earliest days I had to use a pencil and paper, and coming up with a grid of numbers that worked for a particular puzzle involved a great deal of rubbing out. Those days have gone.

But although I now make use of scripts I have developed, and a tool my son wrote to display the solution to a puzzle on top of its grid, to speed up the process, it still involves a fair amount of manual work.

Having created two books of Begriddled puzzles, one of them a logic version, (search on Amazon for Begriddled if you're interested, or see my website at, I put a third on hold while I worked on making my idea of Begriddled puzzle greeting cards a reality.

It is those cards that I am bringing to Etsy, and I intend extending into other uses for the puzzle.

Nick Rice

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