belenen's Shop Announcement

I love to make custom pieces -- in fact, I prefer it! So if you see any design you like, feel free to ask me about creating it in your own color scheme, or with certain bead shapes, or in a different length! Even if you're not sure if you will want to buy the finished product, I may be inspired by your idea and create it anyway.

Examples not in the shop:
necklaces --
earrings --

I will consider trades/barter, so if you have something you think I might like (see my favs) let me know! I price according to the time an item takes me to make (+ materials), but my prices are not set in stone.

Every now and then I go around and offer super-cheap deals to people who've favorited one of my pieces, so if you like something, fav it and you may get it for half-off or even cheaper!