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**Please do not copy any of my designs. It will really hurts my feelings....and it isn't nice. Thanks

"Beautiful Woman" ...My mother, Donna (which happens to mean "woman" in Italian) had her own whimsical style which she wore, always with a humbled confidence. She instilled in me this craft; I am constantly inspired by her memory, my "Bella Donna".

What started as a Bridal accessory has turned into so much more. I found them to be a beautiful compliment - adorning the head, jewelry, even a belted sash. My hope is that you will find your own style.

Bella Donna's - adult/teen floral pieces worn as wedding pieces or just everyday pieces:
Some bases are left un-clipped so you may choose the direction of your bella donna clip. You may also choose a veil (sold seperately) to mix and match.

Veil (vary upon length - more details to follow)
...there are other base clips in the works ...stay tuned!

Bella Bits - these are the newest collection added for newborns, children & teens. Some pieces are made from recycled material and vintage finds and some pieces are even made out of paper flowers. I enjoy putting colors together that you wouldn't think "go together" but they always look great!

* Not accepting custom orders at this time *

Thanks so much!

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