BernadettesCrafts' Shop Announcement

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥(¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥ Home of hippie scaves, wraps, bags & such. If you like things funky, unique, playful, profound, green, friendly and made with love, then click away!

The artful, crafty and ancient practice of reusing and recycling is alive and well at Bernadette's Crafts.

My work is completely handmade, home made, befuddled and delighted -- maybe even flawed, but sturdy and usable. The living history of reusing and recycling is alive and well in my work.

Recreations, resurrections, patchwork, fabric collage, paper collage, smash strips, crazy quilting, painting on fabric, fabric on painting and just my own messed up, random work is what I do. When necessary, I do use a sewing machine to the best of my abilities. And lately, I can't stop shredding t-shirts!

When you purchase a piece from me, you are contributing to, and participating in, a very GREEN marketplace. Some (or a lot), of material used in my crafty art and artsy crafts is second-hand or was on its way to a landfill. And, once in while I may also offer supplies, books and vintagey items that I literally rescue from dumpsters. Use them well!

My name is Ruth Poe, Bernadette is my confirmation name and a loving nod to my maternal, French-speaking ancestors.

More info in the POLICIES section and PROFILE. Some INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING available, see shipping policies and contact me.

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