berylclairesark's Shop Announcement

I have so enjoyed working with designers to learn how to make animal patterns! I used to sew clothing, only clothing, and since about 1976 I have 'dabbled' in designing and making stuffed animals and puppets. I also made wonderful soft baby blankets, most of which people hung on walls for display! Alas, that particular fabric has not been availabe for many years.

I have recently asked my two children, Alicia Robinson Latchaw and Newell Yale Robinson to come into my shop to help me. I have arthritis in my hands, and it is getting worse. We hope to get our most popular patterns printed up, so I won't have so much tracing to do when an order comes in. That will increase prices slightly, but the pattern you will receive won't have any corrections on it, and the paper will be white instead of cream.

Berylclairesark (BCLR designs) was established in 1976, in Muskegon, Michigan. Berylclairesark (BCLR designs) designs and makes beautiful hand puppets, stuffed animals of the extinct, endangered, and present kind. All animals are made from faux fur, or several of the fine and wonderful fabrics available today. These were sold at craft shows, in Michigan and other states surrounding Michigan, in the past. Now I am only making one of each animal, and will sell them on Etsy or eBay. Many of the puppet and animal patterns were also sold at craft shows. Now only thru Etsy and eBay.
You will find a few different sections to my shop!

Made in U S A.....I am sure most of the fabrics I now use are made somewhere else, I don't purchase a lot of fabric at this time.
HOWEVER.....the paper that is used for the patterns is made in the USA, from materials of Canada!
I use fine Strathmore newsprint to draw my patterns on....I want to keep costs down, and it makes nice pattern paper.
I also use interfacing, sometimes, to draw the patterns for sale, and that is also made in the USA!
The polyester fiber fill I use in the few animals I sell is also produced in the United States.

PDF.....Instant Download...sent to your printer;
IF you want something 'right now' and don't mind having to print out patterns on your printer, go to the INSTANT DOWNLOAD section, that is where many of the patterns have been adapted to fit 8 1/2" x 11" paper, just so you can print them at home! These are Full Size patterns, and you will have to 'put them together' as some of the patterns are for larger stuffed animals, and that means I have had to draw the pattern onto the paper in several sections, so it fits on printer paper. This 'putting pattern together' is not difficult, and was done so that everyone could understand how to do this. Putting Pattern Together is a separate Instant Download that comes to you with the item that you have ordered. By reading this 1 1/2 page instruction sheet, you will better understand how to put your Instant Download pattern together, and then put it to fabric, and following the pattern instructions, sew up your fabric to make the animal you have ordered.

*****IF you have purchased patterns from berylclairesark and want to make up the animal and sell it at craft shows, or brick and mortar stores, you may do that.

You may NOT sell them on the internet, without first asking for written permission to do so, from me, and then I must see at least one picture of said animal, and know where you are selling it. I do not get any royalties from your selling of these animals.

You do not have permission to recopy, rewrite, resell, or redistriubte these patterns in any form as your own or otherwise.

My Original Patterns are copyright protected. All Rights Reserved.