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2 months

Beautiful January birthstone necklaces featuring rhodolite garnet and luscious satin gold lotus flower pendants. Garnet and Gold are made for each other heart

5 months

heart_eyesheart_eyesheart_eyes Beautiful golden rutilated quartz necklace! Only ONE available - this gorgeous gem is a true one-of-a-kind beauty; lovely gold rutile strands feature prominently in this smooth teardrop pendant, suspended from a dainty gold beaded satellite chain.

1 year

New perfectly dainty black tourmaline drop necklace in 14k gold filled!

2 years

March already and spring is just around the corner! Here are some moss aquamarine lovelies to get you in the mood :) Check out this month's featured items for new aquamarine styles!

2 years

If you saw La La Land, you surely fell in love with Mia's simple labradorite necklace. Here's my version of this sweet, easy-to-wear style! Choose sterling silver or gold filled and a length that suits you best.

3 years

Gorgeous everyday hoop earrings! These beauties are super lightweight and go with everything in your wardrobe. An original Bespangled Jewelry signature piece, available in gold or silver.