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This is made of birch bark-rather ancient material.
Birch bark - what is it?

Birch bark is a magic gift of the northern nature. It has absorbed the all whiteness of snow, the tenderness of dawns, the warmth of infrequent sun rays. This tree is surprisingly beautiful - thin tender branches, long catkins.

Not without reason they compare it with the slim girl in a white dress. It resembles by touch the well dressed leather, it is velvet, tender and elastic as well. Its colour can be varied from whity-yellow up to whity-brown with warm orange tint, and white top layer.

Birch bark is surprising tender, mild and velvety stuff. It is ductile even to children's hands, therefore the birch bark's industry today finds all new and new adherents.
And who will resist a thin handicraft of the master keeping an odor of a birch forest, its mild light!

The golden warmth of the birch bark …