bewilderandpine's Shop Announcement

November 2nd - Coming this week: Fairy Towers, Cottages, Fairy Stars, Potterville pieces, Figurines and more magic than you can shake a wand at! We will be inundated with custom work til about the 10th and then will focus entirely on items for the shop thru the holiday!

Thank you!

nicolas and sofie

Bewilder and Pine

Stories remembered from, and created throughout, childhood. . . worlds fashioned from unlimited imagination . . . those so-called "imaginary" friends. . . the myths and legends of ancient world history . . . and our desire for solitude, simplicity and the search for creative sanctuary envy day. . .

These are the ideals, large and small, that have inspired us to bring this shop filled with our miniature creations to life here.

The myriad of ever-evolving items you may find in Bewilder and Pine are all somehow directly tied to the unforgettable and unequalled days of our own childhoods. The magic and mystery that we never wish to lose as well as that we have reclaimed over the years of growth and re-invention. These are the beliefs and possibilities that defy age and agenda. . . that are available, even now, to children of all ages.

It is our hope that you will find a little something reminiscent of your own childhood within these pieces as well. Something that you carry with you still. . . something that has never lost it's magic or luster. Something that, in spite of the ever-maddening world around us, never will.

And we hope that you will allow the inspiration of it all to sink deeply within and take you back to those times and places as well. We are so happy you've stopped by, if only for a peek, and we hope what you see stays with you for some time to come.

Thank you for looking, . . but more for believing!

nicolas and sofie

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