beyondthebulb's Shop Announcement

I plan to make only about a dozen pairs of my popular Thanksgiving Turkey earrings this year unless there's a surge in early demand. Please convo me if you'd like a pair, it will be too late to make more if I run out in early-November.

This shop features LED light fixtures, earrings based on LEGO® pieces, 3D printed items, and some giclee prints of experimental artwork that I've been doing. I'm always adding something new so please look around. Here are some examples of things you might find in this shop:

* Earrings made from interesting combinations of LEGO® pieces.
* One of a kind handmade LED light fixtures
* Unique designs that don't have a broad enough appeal for mass production
* Experimental prototypes that I made to try out a new concept
* Some math-based artwork based on LED diffuser patterns I've made
* 3D printed Christmas ornaments
* LED related items. For example, I eventually want to make a few T-shirts

Regarding Taxes: If you're located in Maine, Etsy should add the sales tax to your order. If you're located anywhere else, no taxes will be collected. I think everything is set correctly for this but if anything doesn't seem right, convo me.

Gifts: I have shipped items as gifts and I can include a note if you want, but I'm not a very good gift wrapper. I don't ship to addresses if paypal has a problem with them, and this is due to the possibility of fraud. I don't know how they decide these things and I let them figure it out.

The Earrings: What can I say? They're fun. It's hard to explain but it's as if all of these lego pieces know what they want to be and they just tell me. I usually make 1-3 pairs of a design and maybe a few more if anybody's interested and then I move on to something new. I was really surprised at how much the Halloween and Thanksgiving earrings were liked by teachers, school librarians, and lunch ladies. For many designs, wholesale is possible - convo me if you're interested. LEGO®, the LEGO logo, DUPLO®, BIONICLE®, MINDSTORMS®, the BELVILLE, KNIGHTS’ KINGDOM and EXO-FORCE logos, the Brick and Knob configurations and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group of companies, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

The Lights: My designs are usually minimalist and sleek. Someone once said that I had an industrial esthetic and I think there's some art deco influence. You can decide for yourself. I'll tell you all about each light in the store: What it is, why I made it, technical details, and if I'm likely to build another one. The first items in this shop were all based on a new heatsink I designed, but others are coming together and I wish there was a place to post pictures of works in progress. Many of these items could be made for wholesale, some can't.

The Art: I actually made some graphics similar to these in the 70's, but the technology wasn't there to make them anything more than a curiosity. Lately some of this work started re-asserting itself in my mind while I was developing patterns to print on the diffusers of my LED lighting. I showed the early designs to some friends who were surprisingly excited about it. I can modify the colors on many of these pieces and make them in different sizes. If anyone is interested, please convo me.

3D Printed stuff: I have a 3D printed and I'm doing some interesting things with it. I've started to create Christmas ornaments with geometric designs that are formed by trigonometric equations, and I'm experimenting with other unusual ways of using the printer. The printer is not as reliable as most other tools so I've increased the lead times on 3D printed items. So far it's working well.

Anyway, convo me if you're curious about anything here.