Jardo with a great mushroom find this spring. (2012)
Odie (Orange) and EU (white)
drying wild crafted herbs
Elderberry harvest for tincture this summer. (2012)

Crow Hill Farm

Crow Hill Farm is where we call home. Located in the rolling hills of Southwest Wisconsin, we harvest herbs, veggies, flowers, medicinal plants and mushrooms from our chemical free gardens, meadows and woodlands.

It is our pleasure and privilege to share a bit of our home and bounty with you.
In our shop you will find bath and beauty products, photos, tinctures, oils, edibles, and hand crafted items along with the occasional vintage item. All coming from our farm.

We have lots of help from our cats Squeak, EU, and Odie. They have each one wandered onto our farm and decided to stay on as helpers. They have unique personalities and know just how to entertain us and lend a helping paw when needed.

We hope you enjoy our shop!
Robin and Jardo
Robin and Jardo live in Southwest Wisconsin, among the Ocooch Mountains, an un-glaciated area that has lush woods and rolling hills. Crow Hill Farm is where we call home. It consists of woodland, meadows, and beautiful gardens all around our home.