bhaktimalas' Shop Announcement

Mala is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning "garland of flowers", used for many centuries to honor respected people and deities in India. The word has also come to signify anything that is strung together in a similar manner, including rosaries used for spiritual practice.

Malas are used in many spiritual traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism and both Orthodox and Catholic Christianity. Different cultures use different types of malas, and call them by many names, but the concept is universal. They are used in the repetition of prayers and mantras. In the rich spiritual culture of India, the number 108 holds a special significance, and appears over and over throughout that mythos. For that reason, both Hindus and Buddhists use malas consisting of 108 beads (or numbers that multiply to equal 108, such as 27, 36, or 54). Our malas are made in this style.

All of our malas are strung on stainless steel beading wire for optimal durability. We use only genuine semi-precious stones, and never any man-made or dyed materials.

If you have a favorite stone, or would like a particular combination of stones or colors, I am happy to make any custom mala you like. Just contact me with the details!

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