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Pottery- A Family Tradition

Being the son of two potters, Tyler Bier became interested in pottery at a young age. Having the equipment available, such as the potter’s wheel and the slab roller, Tyler was able to experiment with clay. He began selling his handmade piggy banks, a tradition passed on to him by his grandfather, at the age of 13.

Over a decade later, Tyler & Anna have created a body of work that is both functional and sculptural. With the unpredictable nature of glazes, each new firing is a mystery until it is ready to unload. Several factors play into a final product, such as how thick the glaze is applied, how hot it gets in the kiln, and also how long certain temperatures are held at in the kiln.

Being aware of the challenges as well as the surprising results the process of making pots has to offer, Tyler & Anna stay intrigued as well as pleased to make their sole living off of their work.

Ray and Tami Bier have made their living as professional clay artists and gallery owners for more than 30 years. They are well known for their creative endeavors with whimsical frogs, animal sculptures, nativity sets and functional decorative pottery.

Each piece is high-fired stoneware made by hand, no molds are used, utilizing hand building and slab techniques as well as the potters wheel.

When you purchase a piece from this site, you are receiving the actual piece in the photograph. Designs are repeated but no two pieces are exactly alike. For more information about our studio, please visit