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"the big city sprawl turned to art"

big NICKEL graphics was inspired by city pride and the way people move from “point a to point b” every day. Every city has their symbols recognized by many; from the Sears Tower (we can’t bring ourselves to call it the Willis Tower) to Fenway Park; from the Golden Gate Bridge to the White House. However, for the most part, only the people who have lived in those cities can immediately recognize their maps. It brings emotions and memories both good and bad, but in that process it ingrains itself as a unique symbol of YOUR city. Our goal is to take that symbol and turn it into art.

Kyle “Smalls” Smallegan: The Man With the Plan
Kyle Smallegan is the CEO (yes we have egos too) and Co-Founder of bigNickel graphics. Born and raised in Hudsonville, MI, Kyle moved to Washington D.C. to attend George Washington University. While living in DC, Kyle took the Metro everywhere. Day in and day out, while inevitably waiting for the train, he would stare at the Metro map and think that if you took all the crap off (all of the actual important information) it would make a really great piece of modern art. Ten years later while living in Chicago, inevitably waiting for the train, and staring at the ‘L’ map, he decided to do something about it.

Justin “Dime” Duimstra: The Man With the Hands
Justin Duimstra is the President, Co-Founder, and artistic talent behind bigNickel Graphics. Born and raised in Hudsonville, MI, Justin went on to attend the Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, MI. Now a professional graphic artist, Justin has been involved in a number of projects including being a current managing partner of Seek & Destroy Clothing and Maverick Custom Graphics. Justin is responsible for making bigNickel a reality by taking the crazy ideas and ramblings and beautifully putting them to paper.

Why big NICKEL?
Because SmallsDime doesn’t quite do it!

Please give us suggestions for cities you'd like to see if yours is not available or coming soon! we love feedback!


We only accept Paypal at this time but if you have a custom request feel free to contact us at bigNickelposters [!at]


Shipping is free of charge in the US! All orders will be shipped via USPS. If your order is damaged we will replace it for no cost. Contact us at bigNickelposters [!at]

Additional Policies and FAQs

We will try to accommodate any custom orders. We also do sell wholesale. Contact us at bigNickelposters [!at]

Last Updated January 23, 2014