bigalhats - handmade with love and care in Santa Monica

some yarn and my favorite crochet hook
beginning a hat
adding colors to the hat
my brother modeling the finished hat
my other brother, the main model!

beautifully handmade hats and gloves just for you!

Once upon a time ( well, about 20 years ago), my artist brother, Alastair (nicknamed 'Big Al') asked me and my mom (who shares my love of crocheting and color) to crochet a few hats for him. I took them round to some local funky shops and they ordered!... thus bigalhats was born. The hats continued to sell (even to a shop in Japan) refine and evolve over the years as we listened to customer's feedback and suggestions. Some time later, my sister in law told me about selling on etsy and so here we are!
We don't use patterns but invent our own.
We use quality cotton, cotton/ linen blend, hemp or wool.
We love color and create a hat like a painting.
We make each piece with love, care and attention to detail.
We guarantee that you will look and feel good in our hats and gloves.
We are happy to do custom orders for you.
I work here in a small studio in Santa Monica, mom works in her room of yarn in Santa Monica, California.
My brother loves to model our hats when he visits from Chicago.
My other brother will occasionally model when he visits from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
(lucky I have cute brothers!)
We hope you enjoy our hats (and other accessories) as much as we love making them!
xxoo Anne
owner, maker, designer, curator, photographer
I've always been somewhat of a dreamer... I couldn't help it coming from a family of artists.I love drawing, painting and creating with my hands. I learned how to crochet in a fiber arts class while getting my BA in design loved it and still do!
creator, designer

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