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If you are in NYC please come visit the brick and mortar store in the Lower East Side. Welcome to Blue Bayer Design NYC The Etsy shop. All the pieces you see here are original design carvings which were designed, and created in NYC using local resources. Most of the work is cast in purified reclaimed metal. My goal is to provide you with unique quality collectable pieces and a foster a lasting artist/collector relationship.

The " In real life " store in now open. You are welcome to make your purchase on here and pick up your pieces in person, meet me, and have a look at the whole collection.
I refund the shipping cost.

Blue Atelier 40 Clinton Street NY NY 10002
Noon to six. Closed Monday.
I'm btw Stanton and Rivington in The Lower East Side.
F JMZ trains to Delancy Street.

Bluebayer [!at]
All pieces come gift boxed. If you would like a little bow included please let me know in the message to the shop as you check out.

"What separates Blue Bayer from other designers of risky jewelry, is that his attitude is genuine and sustainable...from his NYC studio, he creates unsettling and strange pieces, combining found objects with gold, silver and diamonds..."
Vogue Spain Special Jewelry Edition Winter 2010-11 Featured artist.

Shipping options within the US :

First Class is about a week transit time to California. East Coast runs around 3 days. NYC metro is next day and so on. This comes with tracking. $4- $6

Priority Mail :

East Coast 2 days.
West Coast 3-5 days.

Express is 1 to 2 days guaranteed with tracking. ** $18.

Shipping options International :

First Class is 10 days plus. No tracking $8 to $11 based on weight
Priority International is 6 to 10 days no tracking. $26
Express International 3 to 5 days with tracking. ** $46

France : Due to rampant loss some tems must got Express Mail with signature confirmation.

** All delivery times are in given business days.
** Select high value items to certain countries will only be sent express with tracking.
** Please be aware of your country's import taxes before ordering.

Would you like a behind the scenes look at how some of the pieces are made ? Have a look at this 2 minute video. It's hot.

About how the items are made : Soup to nuts made in NYC.

All the items that are reproducible like cast pieces are cast in Manhattan. Being that space is limited and casting is potentially dangerous I use professional casters.
Do you know how to cast ? Yes of course. I've done it. It's really magic and it's pretty simple but there are laws about casting in NYC for good reason. I do have an upstate casting barn fantasy that may one day come into being.

Metals. All the metals I have cast are reclaimed and purified recycled material from a bonded US source.

Polishing and finishing. I do that at the store. I have a basic tumbler, flex shaft, steam cleaner, and two station polish and buff machine.

Stones. I select stones in person from a few small dealers on 47th street.

Stone setting.
Some of the stone setting I do at the shop. More expensive stones ( diamonds ) I take to my man Jose on 47th street.

Did you know one of those machines is $4000 ? I have personalized engravings done by James at JMK on 47th street. I just don't have space for an engraving machine at the store but it would be really cool to have one.

I have a couple friends of many years who carve for the line. Both live and work here in NYC.

Cad design.
Well, a couple pieces where made by hired guns. The heart vase for example was a cad generated project. There are some larger items that lend themselves to cad design. But to be honest for now the human hand just does a better job. I'm not a big fan of cad. Not for any far reaching artistic reason. The technology just isn't there yet especially for the organic forms I work in.

So, none of this is made in China ? Nah, I've talked to plenty of people who go that route and really I just want to be able to sit across the desk from the people that I am working with and check the quality two or three times a week. In addition I have an artistic relationship with the family that does the casting in NYC. We solve problems together. More than once a completely different piece has been invented by someone there saying : " Wait ! what if we do like this ? ! " You don't get that if you aren't there to build that relationship.

I'm a prolific tinker who is coming out with new work all the time.

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LEAD FREE PLEDGE: Concerning the cast pieces for sale on my site. I do all of the casting here in NYC. We have some of the most stringent environmental laws in the country. The DEP ( Dept of Environmental Protection) spot tests the facilities I use with unannounced inspections monthly.

Cruelty free commitment : No animals are ever harmed in the creation of my work. I don't sell animal parts, teeth, bones ect regardless of the source.

If you have any requests please put them in the message to the seller when you buy it.
About getting your piece to you:

All pieces come carefully packed in a cotton lined jewelry box.

If you missed it I was the feature artist on Etsy recently. Here is the interview have a look :

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Press/ stylists : If you are interested in pulling pieces for a professional shoot I have a press showroom on 38th and 8th. In addition the entire collection lives at the studio on 2nd and B. Contact me at bluebayer [!at]

If you are an established retailer with a brick and mortar shop contact me for wholesale pricing. If you are an online only retailer I tend to set the bar a bit higher as to what kinds of sites I will have my work on.

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