Finalist in the Etsy Design Awards 2015

Unicorns in gorgeous Copper
Family Love Tree made using local driftwood and vibrant fabrics
circleArt birdies are sweet

beautiful, original and eco-friendly

Since 2010, it has been my absolute pleasure to share my creations with hundreds of tiny people (and mamas) all over the world. Each object is handmade with love and care by combining beautiful textiles with original design. With the highest quality finish, each piece is made to last.

I have always been creative and I first started designing products soon after the birth of my second child. I needed an outlet, in order to satisfy my natural creative instinct. As a new mum of 2 it was a lot like meditation which has a lovely calming affect on me. I needed it then, and I still do!

Three and a half years after first launching the label, from my dining room table, (as you do) I took the giant leap of quitting my day job (of 20 years ) at the local Law School. I now happily work for myself in my sun filled studio. Every day I am surrounded by shelves filled with beautiful coloured fabrics and the sound of soothing music and birds chirping in my garden.

I am inspired by my beautiful coastal surroundings as well as my beautiful boys. Fashion and interior design trends also play a part in how my designs come about. My work combines my love of textile art, design, photography, graphic design and uses very eco-friendly processes. It’s a strange mix but it really works!

Eco Friendly production
I work out of my renovated 1960s home with my 20 something-year-old sewing machine, using electricity which we generate from the sun (our home is entirely solar powered). I try to use up-cycled new and vintage fabrics where possible, I also use beautiful found driftwood collected from our local beaches.

My packaging is all created using recycled boxes. And as often as possible I deliver my parcels to the post office by bike. All of these things combined mean that my production processes, create very little waste and my energy usage is very low.

The process to create each item is completed by my hands and each object is special and unique. It feels amazing to create special things that are not only beautiful but may even become heirlooms , or at the very least loved and appreciated for many years to come.

All designs and photos ©Kylie Wiffen/birdynumnumDesign.
Kylie Wiffen
I am a wife, and mama of 2 adorable little boys (who have the most magnificent hair). I live in a peaceful Australian town where I create lovely things for my shop. I absolutely love the creative process and hope it shows!