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Artisan Bismuth Crystals

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Bismuth Cities is a Pittsburgh based bismuth crystal growing project started & operated by Anthony Lee Arcuri.

Bismuth (Bi) is one of the elements from the periodic table of elements. It is a chemical element & pentavalent post-transition metal. Bismuth crystals or "hopper crystals" are formed when the element in its pure form is melted down to a liquid & then cooled carefully with the right timing & temperature control. When crystallized, bismuth is shown to form perfect straight lines, right angles, detailed step formations & intricate pyramid structures, often resembling futuristic/alien cities. Little is known as to how bismuth forms this way. Bismuth in lab-grade crystalline form is rare & even rarer in nature.

The color of the crystals is caused by a thin layer of bismuth oxide, that is formed when bismuth comes in contact with oxygen at the right temperature. The color can be any color of the rainbow, but in general some colors are more abundant than others.

As if bismuth wasn't already awesome at face value, it is also the most diamagnetic metal known to man. This means it repels magnetism enough to cause magnets to levitate. (example: )

Metaphysics -

Bismuth Crystals are stones of transformation. Transforming the energy of the crown chakra to energize the base chakra, actualizing the power of wisdom. Drawing the energies from the higher levels into the lower chakras, removing blockages and creating a clear energetic field.
• It transforms by directing a change toward orderliness. As this change occurs, it provides for a calm internal retreat and provides the physical body with needed vitality.
• Bismuth helps one transition from the physical plane to the astral state and spiritual realms.
• Relieves conditions of emotional and spiritual isolation, allowing one to feel the connection with the “universe.”
• Stimulates cohesiveness in groups and relationships by allowing for independence in progression toward a common goal.
• Promotes progression and order in all endeavors and pathways.
• Allows one to abide within serenity regardless of physical location by enhancing the state of the moment with illuminations of wisdom.
• Facilitates enjoyable travel.
Healing Properties
Bismuth is a powerful general purpose healer. The strong energy pattern acts as a stimulator to clear the physical-biological field, clearing the way for healing to begin.
• Stimulates the energy field
• Clears biological field
• Diminishes fevers
• Lessens catatonic states
Astrological Sign: Aquarius

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