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7 months

At long last, I've finally created my first enamel pin! Take a look at this lil buddy--so cute!!

8 months

New sticker sheet in stock!

9 months

I'm holding a little summer sale, with price drops on a lot of things ♪ Check it out!!

2 years

I've put all 221 pixel items from my new52colors collection all on one file folder, and in rainbow order!

2 years

My store will be going on summer vacation from July 11th-25th. If you would like to get something this month, please place your order by Monday!

2 years

Buy two sticker sheets at a reduced price! (Orig. $5.99 each, you can get 2 for just $7.99!)

2 years

I've added some pin badges! Aren't they cute? I would be so excited if you incorporated this into your coord :3 They're available in sets of 3 and 12. There are only 25 of each design, so don't delay!

2 years

So I just added a new item to my shop: a notebook! I went with a matte finish on the cover, and I'm very excited by how it made the colors pop! Wow! I'll be including 3 loose stickers of the same pixel art set with each order. Please take a look!

2 years

SALE heart︎ Buy one get one free! For a limited 25 orders, if you buy one of my sticker sheets, I will send you an additional sheet free!