blackfeathercrafts' Shop Announcement

Art work by Minnesota Artist Christine Rietsch and Minnesota Chainmaille artisan Troy D. Teske!!

About Christine:

I grew up around horses. I was riding before I was born. My mom was training horses when she was pregnant with me. Sometimes it was hard because my mother is an artist too--I felt I had a lot to live up to.

I have come to find my real voice in the last 5 years after divorce and a life turned upside down. Now I cannot look at found objects or even people without thinking of what art came come from the things I see.

From my simple sead bead flower jewelry to large canvases--everything is art to me. I do not like things to fall apart. If a piece does not satisfy me I will not list it. If I'm not happy with a custom order I'll perfect it before a customer receives it.

Areas of interest in art:

* Manga and game characters. I do portraits from Warcraft, Eve, Mabinogi, and Forsaken World.
* Amulets, amulet bags, wands, spiritual paintings, walking staves, ritual clothing. I love religious items from Catholicism to Shamanism.
* Gothic and steampunk. I love combining leathers and vintage or antiques to create something oddly beautiful.
* Animal art. I love horses, wolves, cats, birds. Got a pet?

I'm always seeking to expand my skills and vision. If there is something you want me to try and make--let me know. However when it comes to goth stuff I draw the line at any images of self-harm. No razorblade requests please. I do not see anything fashionable or appropriate in self-harm idealization.

Happy shopping! I hope to hear from you soon.

---<<<<<< Christine <<<<<<<<>

About Troy:

There is something magical about taking a piece of metal put into a circular shape. Join that together with more metal to turn it into something usable. Chainmaille's origins are from Italy's Etruscan region. It was decorative on the skirts of wealthy women. From there it has spread world-wide to form various weaves and designs to match the needs of armor makers. Once the bullet came about, the armor wasn't needed. So it went back to it's roots as decorative wear.

These days we have come to another full circle in this ring of metal. Chainmaille is being incorporated into police wear, suits to protect divers who study sharks, etc. Of course we see a lot of it at Renaissance Faires and Fairy Gatherings.

My goal with that magical bit of metal is to make things that help bring fantasy into our lives. Do you dream of that interesting necklace that you can't find in a store? I can use aluminum, steel, copper, bronze, or brass and help you create that item. Combine with beads or fossils. With chainmaille you can let creativity flow!

Do you dream of an authentic shirt or perhaps a dress of flowing metal? I have created both and I do work with the customer on producing something that will make you feel like the Lord or Lady that you are inside!

Feel free to contact me here if there is something you have in mind.


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