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4 weeks

Lots of new clip in dreads just added to my shop! grinning

1 month

Variety of accent dread kits available on my shop slightly_smiling_face more coming soon!

3 months

New Halloween themed dreads available jack_o_lantern

11 months

New accent kits available!

1 year

Halloween themed dreads sets available and more on the way jack_o_lantern

2 years

Accent dreads, all ready to be shipped

2 years

Just added more clip in dreads to my shop!

2 years

I just added four new clip in sets to my shop! Now you can add some dready goodness to your natural hair quickly, easily and with zero commitment! :)

3 years

New accent kits on my shop, more coming next week :)

3 years

New 'Unicorns are real' set if full of magical sparkle blush

3 years

Purple, grey and blue set all sectioned out before being dreaded

3 years

Get 10% off any purchase at my shop with this discount code grinning Offer ends 17th December 2015

3 years

Newest set of crocheted dreads in blends of purples and black

3 years

This is the 'cauldron' set in the process of being made. Using a beautiful blend of purple and green synthetic hair.