Cute Handmade Bows and Accessories

I'm surrounded by cuteness in my studio.
One of my favorite places in Tokyo, Ueno Park.
One of my cute necklaces.
Making clothes for my dolls and yours.
Lolita inspired charm and bow.

Doing what I love!

I love being surrounded by cute things. At this point it's an addiction and I'm okay with that. I also like to make little cute things like hair bows, jewelry and little art pieces. I also go under the name miki_the_artist.

In 2007 I had the pleasure to visit Tokyo, Japan a place I had only known about through anime, movies and books. Needless to say I was in love. Not only is it a beautiful country but their appreciation for the kawaii was wonderful. Kawaii is a Japanese term meaning cute.

In 2009 after my second visit to Tokyo I knew I wanted to have a shop that allowed me to share my love of having cute things around all the time. Thus black tulip shop was born.

With the items in my shop a smile and happy feeling is what I'm after. I want the black tulip shop customer to smile when they receive their order and smile even more when they open the package.

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I'm miki and welcome to my shop! I live in Atlanta,GA with my husband, two cute and funny cats, a ton of art/craft supplies and lots of anime. I love to draw, sew and making jewelry.

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