being mother and designer in one person is my daily challenge
october 2013 i opened my first own blütezeit berlin store in berlin: an other step on my way of following my dreams
a woman and man collection is my dream for the future - just to make you happy with my creations
the time of the photo shooting: the hardest work for me is done
my first handmade print for winter collection 2014/15

unique streetwear to simply make you feel happy

at the age of thirteen i was allowed to sit the first time in front of my mother´s sewing maschine. from this moment i started to make clothes for myself. the process was not professional at all. it was a mix of wrapping and drapping the fabric around the body, fixing with pins, watching in front of the mirrow how it looks and sewing all together.

eight years later at the age of twentyone i moved to berlin to learn how to produce clothes in a professional way. i started an education as "assistent for fashion and design". i learned the whole process of design and manufacture high quality fashion. it was the first time i really thought about pattern construction. a half year later i bought my first industrial machine. from this moment on, almost every day after school i was sitting at home at my sewing machine designing my own clothes.

2007 after my successful completion i started studying fashiondesign at university of applied sciences berlin. i went on sewing clothes for myself. meanwhile my own wardrobe overflowed i started to put my first clothes for selling at dawanda´s onlineshop. just some days later the people started to buy. these days in january 2009 i designed the first time this typical bicolour hoody my streetwear label is known for. the idea of "blütezeit berlin" was born.

the brand´s name "blütezeit berlin" means blossom berlin. on one hand the name describes my affinity to flowers (and as a consequence thereof my frequent use of flowery fabrics) and on the other hand it describes the time i came to berlin and found where my heart is. here in berlin me and my work started to blossom - like a little flower blossoms till it gets into full bloom.

it´s not seldom i even cry of happiness because i´m so surprised and overwhelmed by the result of a design what was before just in my head.
one of the best moments for me is when i see the happy shining in the eyes of one customer who get a garment from me and we both see that it fits perfectly.

with making clothes i found my passion and what i want to make in life! and the best i can get back from that are my happy customers!
kristin jacob
owner, maker, designer, curator