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Announcement    Hey everybody, I'm brand new with Etsy! Thanks for your patience, while I build up my storefront. Check back often :)


Last updated on Jun 7, 2016

Hey everybody, I'm brand new with Etsy! Thanks for your patience, while I build up my storefront. Check back often :)


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Bobbi Pike

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Bobbi Pike

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The Accidental Artist

A native of Spaniard’s Bay who has transformed her passion and love for her home province into a tribute for the places and people she has encountered over the years. Bobbi has poured her memories and experiences onto canvas in her own version of `The Rock`. She invites us into coves, communities and cities, as we see the Province and people of Newfoundland, through her eyes.
Bobbi works out of her home studio in beautiful Topsail, NL, where she lives with her husband Geoff, son Alex, two dogs and three cats. She sells her paintings and prints through her website and Facebook. Her works of art can be found hanging in homes, galleries and businesses in Canada, USA, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In all of my paintings, you will find 3 crows, most are easy to find, but others you’ll have to search a little to find them. The reason? Nicknames were developed in outport Newfoundland, so families could be differentiated from others with the same last name. (Mercers- Foxes, Nishes, etc) For my Maiden name Seymour, the Nickname was Crow. Rumour has it the first Spaniard’s Bay Constable was a Seymour. He was often spotted patrolling the lanes and drungs wearing a long black cape to protect him from the chilly nights. He became the first ‘Crow’, because of how he looked when out on patrol. My three crows represent many things to me; myself and my two brothers growing up, they represent my inner core of three at home now, but the main reason takes me back to an old poem;

One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy ,Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret never to be told.

Three crows signifies a girl…a girl crow, thats ME!! Can you find all the crows?

Thank you for stopping by my website, I hope you enjoy what you find within. Check back often, I have lots left to share with you.

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