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BoboBoutique's Shop Announcement

Bobo Boutique is home to unique and versatile handmade and vintage jewels. Most of the items you'll find here are handcrafted by me in San Francisco, CA. I also post some fabulous vintage jewelry. I've called upon my life-long love of jewelry old and new, funky and refined, elegant and exceptional to inspire my designs.

Bobo Boutique is all about gorgeous items that make you feel fabulous, we all work so hard and deserve to treat ourselves to a little something special. Each item is shipped after being wrapped in hand dyed tissue paper wrapped in a bow. Everyone loves to get a special treat in the mail!


Hello Fans and Dog Lovers! I adopted my wonderful dog Bolek, known to his friends as Bobo, about a year and half ago. Bolek had a rough first part of his life, he was found abandoned and roaming the streets of San Francisco all by himself just before I adopted him.

We've had a great time together, but unfortuantely Bolek is not the healthiest dog. I'm using all profits that I make from Bobo Boutique to go towards the medical care of this dog who deserves to have a healthy and happy life after a rough start!

Bolek was diagnosed with bladder stones last fall, and in October Bobo had an expensive operation to remove the stones. Since then Bobo has had constant digestive issues as well as a dental procedure. This means a minimum of $5000 in vet care just this year alone! This does not include follow up or additional special medicines or foods.

Any purchase made on Bobo Boutique will go towards Bobo's vet bills. Please share the news with all of your friends and family! Thank you for your support, Bolek thanks you too!