BonBonOriginals' Shop Announcement

"Work is love made visible"
Kahlil Gibran
I love creating my little outfits and hope your little one can feel thelove with which they were made.

Tired of "made in China" shoddy? You will find that most hand sewn clothes run larger than bought, but truth be told, it is the store-bought-manufactured-overseas that run small! Insist on is cheaper in the long run. In these hard times I do my best to give you value for your money. Clothes that grow with your child and span the seasons are your best value, and if they are constructed well enough to pass from child to child then you are dressing a second child for free. The little dresses that I made my oldest daughter were passed down to her sister, then on to my cousin's three daughters and often had enough wear left for another child. Sturdy seams, quality fabric and secure buttons are things you can't count on with store bought clothes, no matter how expensive.

I have been sewing almost all of my life and take great pride in the careful construction of everything that I make. Designing is my first love and I get bored doing the same thing over and over, so I usually think up new things faster than I can sew them. Because I am using some of the wonderful fabric, lace and trims from my mother's amazing stash, a lot of what i do will be one of a kind.

I aim for eco friendly. Many of my dresses are partly or completely from vintage fabric and scraps (such as the patchwork dresses). I do NOT use old printed sheets and are always getting the quality you expect from me.

With so many of us sewing on ETSY, there are only so many patterns and fabrics out there, so I work hard to bring you something as unique as it is well made. I don't take shortcuts...couture sewing techniques (sturdier than just serging) ensure that garments are made to last through countless washings and whatever your active child dishes out and still look great when passed down to the next child. My Mother used to say, "Sew once, iron twice,", and in truth that makes a professional looking garment...seams flat, gathers makes a difference! I work hard on details that make my things stand out. Is it more work to add lace, ribbon and decorative buttons? Does it cut (sometimes deeply) into my profit margin? You bet it does! Is it worth it? I think so, but my wonderful customers are the real judge of that, and they come back, so I am going to keep doing what I am doing. I hope that I never get so busy that I cannot listen to your ideas and make special custom clothes for your special child.

I have two thoughts on children's clothes. The first thing is from a long-ago class in child growth and development...that babies form self images very early on based on how people react to them. A beautifully dressed infant gets the coos that are the start of feeling really good about how the world sees him, while the little one in just a diaper and stained shirt may not know what, "Poor little thing" means, he gets the idea.
The second thought is that you should dress your child on the first day of school like you dress yourself for a job interview. You only get one chance to make a wonderful first impression, and special clothes tell the teacher that this is a special, cherished child.

I stand behind everything that I make for you. If you are dissatisfied, I will fix it! Keeping good customers happy is my goal. I welcome international orders...just let me know and I will get a price on shipping.

A note to the folks who copy my designs and wording...I am flattered...guess it means that I have arrived! Besides, I don't have a copyright on my Perfect peasant blouse or button on reversible apron, and I am happy to share .

I am so blessed to have the customers that I do...not a disgruntled one in the bunch! Lovely people, easy to work with and easy to please...I am so grateful to you for helping to grow my little business. And you say the nicest things about my work....
"I can't believe my luck! I feel like I found a lost treasure or something!"
"I was absolutely stunned at the professional quality of this beautiful dress"
"Exceeded all my expectations"
"I doubt my daughter will want to take this one off"
"Just lovely. Lovely convos and customer service, lovely fabrics, lovely attention to detail, lovely design."

Thank you all! I love my customers and will do what it takes to keep you happy!