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I've been collecting and processing bones and other things of nature for 35 years. I've been making bone and teeth jewelry since the 1980s. For a long time I only made bone jewelry and art for myself and friends. In 2008, I became unemployed at no fault of my own. So I opened 3 Etsy shops here. One of which is this one, Bone Lust/BoneLust, which offers bone jewelry/art and natural supplies to the public. Each piece is carefully made with love. Nothing is mass produced. I'm the only one working in my shops.


I pride myself in NOT SUPPORTING industries that harm/kill animals and/or use their lives as profit. I do use bones that hunters have dumped. I live in a very rural/poor area and these hunters feed their families this way. While I myself do not even eat meat, beyond seafood (since 1993). My art is not about glorifying death but rather honoring and celebrating life. I would much rather see any of the animals, insects, plants used in my art alive.

99.9% of the bones/teeth used in my jewelry and art I've found. Then processed myself by the best means to provide you with a strong product that will last, and be sanitary to wear. I consider myself a professional as I've been collecting bones for 35 years now. I do not like waste and prefer to honor the lives of these animals in my art/jewelry. I never have nor ever will harm or kill an animal, insect or plant for my bone collection or for the bones used/sold here.

Interview with me about my bone art -

My bone collecting blog where my trademarked name derived from -

LEGAL NOTICE - All animal remains used in my shop were obtained by legal means approved by the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Please do not ask for bird remains as most of them are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA). It is illegal in US, Canada, Mexico, Russia and Japan to even possess bird remains of species listed on the MBTA. List of species covered by the MBTA -


INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE READ - International customers are responsible for any and all Customs Charges, Taxes & Additional Postal Fees. I have been researching your importation customs laws and restrictions for years and still don't fully understand how it all works. If you order an item from me you may get charged additional fees by your local customs office. I have no control of this. Even if they just open your package to inspect it there is a flat fee you will be charged. By purchasing from me you are in understanding that you may get additional fees or possibly even have your order taken by your customs office. Please do not give me bad feedback if this happens as it is completely out of my control, thanks!



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BEFORE completing your purchase, PLEASE review my shop policies, found in the links to your right. I highly encourage purchasing insurance for your order and offer shipping upgrade options as well.

Bone Lust and BoneLust are trademarked to Jana Miller, 2009

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