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Dear buyers

Hello and Welcome to Home Design by Bonnydesign,

As far back as I can remember myself, I had a needle and thread in my hands trying to sew clothes for my dolls. Maybe I was influenced by my mother, may her memory be a blessing, who was a haute couture dressmaker; or by my father the tailor, may he live a long life; or by my grandfather, who was the tailor for the King of Morocco and sewed and embroidered with golden thread.

I had a strong desire to study fashion design from a young age, but finished my schooling at my parent’s request and worked in a few different jobs. During this time, sewing was a big part of my life. I've always sewed outfits for myself and for my children for all our joyful family events.

Also, during this time, I was guided by several disciplines of art which included knitting, crochet, weaving, painting, ceramics, and beaded jewelry design.

Being my own boss has converted my hobby into my main occupation, in particular – the craft of Polymer clay and tablecloth designing.

Tablecloth designing:
In my opinion tablecloth design is similar to “Haute Couture” evening dress design. Please take a look at the close-up pictures of my tablecloths and you will see the accurate and clean stitching that comes from a love for my work.

The tablecloth design process starts by falling in love while shopping for fabric. When I arrive home after purchasing fabrics, I spread them out on the floor and I mix and match them in order to produce the most beautiful combinations. Satin ribbon and Swiss trims are added for an elegant touch.

In my tablecloths, you will notice the use of fabrics with strong colors such as bordeaux, pistachio green, orange, and printed flowers with lots of color.

My inspiration starts with the fabrics themselves, they are the ones that create the general design direction. Among my tablecloths you can find many, many fashionable styles, such as ethnic, colorful, elegant and witty.

The craft of polymer clay:
Recently I discovered polymer clay, and I was fascinated with the endless opportunities of colors, patterns and combinations.

Here you can find a variety of canes: flowers, kaleidoscopes, faces and more. You can cut these canes to thin slices and assemble/glue those elements onto almost any surface to create: magnets, figurines, door-signs, decorated ceramics, necklaces appendices, earrings, crouches, hair bows and many more!
Along with these canes I sell polymer clay items such as beaded, necklaces, "Hamsa" for good luck, bowls, and many other items including jewelry and gifts.

Both the tablecloths and the polymer clay items are a wonderful and original gift, either for a loved one's birthday or for a holiday or special event. Not to mention the exquisite and surprising combination of a tablecloth and a jewel to match it!
So, dear buyers – feel free to look around my shop and find an item that speaks to you. I would love to hear from you, either by an order or a review!
Have a colorful day, everyone!