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The Wood inlay Titanium ring is something we came up with and perfected. We had them a full three years before imitators. We invite the consumer to investigate with a search of an Internet archive or the patent office as to this claim. We were also first to offer titanium with stone inlays, titanium with carbon fiber inlays, and titanium with mokume inlays. Although our rings are often imitated, they are never duplicated.

Boone Titanium Rings is the industry leader in Meteorite inlay rings, Carbon Fiber inlay rings, Stone inlay rings, and Hardwood inlay rings, all made into inert and stylish titanium rings. We are one of the leaders in titanium tension sets, making the tough asymmetric designs that others can't do. Our exclusive Mokumanium® rings have 3D texture, yet are made completely from titanium, so are inert and strong. We are one of the few suppliers of a complete line of Black Zirconium rings, including tension set rings. We lead the industry in Mokume Gane and Damascus Steel inlay rings and other precious metal inlays, and the new hot white metal to watch for, Palladium. We now offer Tungsten Carbide rings, a full line of Cobalt Chrome and Stainless Steel rings.

Titanium rings have distinct advantages over rings made of other materials. Titanium is much harder than gold, silver, or platinum, and it resists the dents or dings they get. For this reason, many people with gold rings also get titanium rings for everyday use. The finish doesn't tarnish, and it's much less expensive than platinum. Titanium is used as a lining for acid tanks because it is so inert. You won't find any allergic reactions or skin discoloration from it. This is why titanium is used in bone implants and medical devices. The first thing you will notice about these rings is the weight. Titanium rings weigh one third of the weight of the same rings in platinum or tungsten. They are so light and comfortable, you'll feel as though you're not wearing a ring at all. My titanium rings are crafted from 6AL4V aerospace grade titanium for strength. I also make rings in a super 8-1-1 grade as well. Both are considered grade 5 titanium. We also make a line of pretty fancy Titanium Pens.

Our Titanium rings are cut by machine but worked and finished by hand.
We make our own stuff, which is unusual in this business. Rings are proudly made by us here in the USA.

· Turnaround time is HOURS or DAYS not WEEKS or MONTHS. This includes inlay rings and engagement rings.
Ask me about "Ring Finish Examples" photos for viewing examples of my ring finishes.

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