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Hello! My name's Stag and I'm the only artist here at Stag Says. I was tired of the drying, cheap commercial soap with scent that was nothing more than "clean." I wanted soap that was good quality, moisturizing, and with scent that I actually liked-- so I decided to make it myself.
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"I don't think my skin has ever been this soft since maybe I was a baby!"

"They are REALLY solid and do NOT fall apart or get soggy like normal bath soap does, which has prevented me from getting bar soap for a really long time. "

"I washed my face with it and I mean. I am perfectly smooth. I am the sort of person who grows immense amounts of facial hair and I have to shave a lot to keep it in check because I really really like having a perfectly hairless face -- and seriously you cannot feel a thing on my face right now. Usually even after shaving I am sort of like... I don't know. Rough. I guess from the skin because I CAN'T FEEL A THING."

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