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After a number of requests I have decided to reopen my shop. At this time I would like to focus on your requests for special unique items. I can pretty much make any knitted items, designed to your specifications, as well crocheted, woven, so pretty much anything you can think of. For some ideas have a look in my sold items, or if you have a picture of something you saw in a magazine or a shop just convo me and i can give you a quote. My turn around time is very fast, so just ask. Ponchos are big this year and I have some designs in the works. Thanks for your support

I am trying to limit the custom items to wool I have in stock, which is primarily custom spun yarns from rescue farms. As a reminder once you commit to a specific customization, yarns etc. it is final. I cannot take returns or exchanges. Thanks for understanding.

Over the past few months I have been making heirloom blankets, knitted halloween costumes and unusual shawls as well as baby items, so the knitting and crocheting has continued.

**I will take offers for large quantity discounts or if you want to purchase yarns, all one of a kind hand spun many from rescue farms. I have had offers before to showcase my garments in stores, so here is a good opportunity to get some items at a reduced price.

Also those of you who are thinking about buying my shawls, I can no longer get the exact yarns, the peruvian for the rock n roll and wedding shawls. they are no longer spun, so the custom colors I had made are the end of the supply, so if you want one I have a few left in the shop and just a few skeins left for custom orders. I do have other beautiful hand spun yarns that we are working with the rescue farm to look and feel like the peruvian, so far it looks good. If you need ideas for custom orders have a look at my sold items.

Over the past two years I have been collection wonderful locks, mostly baby first cut locks and had them spun, and some dyed in hopes of making some wonderful one of a kind items for you. Well I had some yarns dyed and spun to go with these wonderful raw locks and over the past week have put some of these wonderful items in my shop. I hope you love them. The locks are very expensive, since they are from all over the world, many are the first shearing and the colors are ones I developed. So I hope you enjoy these items and understand you are getting true one of a kind items, i just love them. The last of this group is in the shop

Reminder, the shop policy has always been NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS and you are responsible for all international fees, etc. also depending on your computer, the colors appear a bit lighter on the screen, please read the names of the colors and convo me with questions.

Stop by our facebook page to see some of our new custom creations

Get your custom items shawls, sweaters, scarves and more. As clarification, most of the items in my shop are ONE OF A KIND, so once it is sold, it is gone. I may be able to make something similar, but my yarns are mostly from a rescue farm and are handspun and hand dyed and are always different. In addition, many of the sources for my unusual yarns are no longer available and I do not plan on increasing my inventory size. So the inventory I have may be the last source of some of the yarns, and along with that my store inventory is getting smaller. So if you find something you love, I suggest you purchase it now.

Stop by our facebook page blue sky knitting and see some of the beautiful custom creations I made this month, especially the handmade stockings I made for a good friend. I love making these special items plus I have an entire room of yarn so if you don't see a color or style you want let me know, customs are designed without any additional design fees.

Most of the design are original one of a kind. I have had some requests from yarn providers to make designs from your yarns. I would love to, so if you have a yarn you would like me to design a pattern for, convo me, be glad to work with you.

We prefer paypal as form or Etsy gift cards as forms of payment, but will take credit cards. Credit cards not used within paypal will delay your shipment until the payment is received. Paypal shipments will go out the next business day. Thanks for understanding
If anyone is interested in purchasing some homespun or other yarns let me know I am de stashing some of my stash.

Remember we take special orders with no added fees; however, please review our new requirements for special orders. How about a shawl for your best girl, mom? Anyway avoid the rush we have lots of yarn in stock and can purchase other yarn special ordered from our rescue farm, if necessary. If you have an idea for something like an afghan, mittens, fingerless gloves, a headband, a ski hat, etc. but don't see it in the shop, just ask us about it, we can make just about anything that is knitted or crocheted. Hope to see you soon.

We know that since we have one of a kind items that sometimes the item you want is purchased before you can buy it. For this reason we will work with you several ways, we can hold an item for a little while for you, we can perhaps do layaway,or figure out some way to help you with your purchase. We are proud of our relationship with our customers and that is what we strive for so let's work together.


Welcome to Blue Sky Knitting! We make unique, one of a kind, hand knit scarves and shawls using artistic yarns which are primarily handspun and hand dyed yarns from some of the best yarn providers around. Our primary focus is to make one of a kind items using unique materials from rescue farms. Well we have been working on a brand new collection of light weight items in some great new weights of yarns which have just been added to the shop. We just did a large update of shawls and a few holiday items, much more to come, enjoy.

In addition we have been working with some organizations and donating items; a primary focus right now is making a bunch of items to donate to Emily's Hats for Hope Initiative. Join us if you can.

If you have suggestions of things you would like to see in the shop, let me know, no commitment is required for you to suggest, I love new ideas and of course, you should start seeing holiday items any day.

By the way we now take credit cards and gift cards in our shops, so you can pay by paypal or a credit card.

++++++Historic information
Welcome back to my little shop. I have lots of new colors and patterns of yarns, and some really beautiful textures and unusual curls. So let me know what your are thinking about and we can get it made.

As you might have seen we have started to expand our collections and we have a Harry Potter Collection, a Movie Collection which will be expanding, including the Lord of the Rings; of course, we will continue our Rock n Roll Collection a holiday collection with more colors, and more to come.

This crazy love of wool and knitting mixed with my love for art has prompted me to open this shop. Many of you have my handmade scarves and other items, so here is a place where you can see what is new and hopefully stimulate your creativity. While this is not my 'real' job, it is a love of mine and my family. I will be working with some wonderful handspinners and hand dyers of wool products and you will hear about them as my projects are posted. So welcome and while I start slow, hopefully we will have a nice selection fo you, please enjoy our new Rock n Roll Collection, Movie Collection, Baby Collection and of course our holiday shop featuring unique garments, presents for you to give and for yourself. Please feel free to contact me anytime and maybe we can create something together.

I am working on some beautiful new garments. I work with some of the best yarn spinners in the world, many who have shops here on Etsy. They include Dreamfiber, Yospun, Storybook Fibers, and several others, but probably my most important provider is Crazy Quilt Homestead Wool (my exclusive wool supplier who is a home for rescue animals), they provide most of my wools. Some of the things I have been working on a set of garments from Crazy Quilt, have the ever expanding Rock n Roll line, a line of shawls, a series of school scarves, and the featured Holiday Shop (valentine and St. Patty's are coming), the new baby shop, Novelty Scarves and a Movie collection. We have also started providing props to photographers. I would like to thank my daughters who wind the yarn, and now help with a some knitting (esp. with the baby items) and are the spirit behind the new baby collection and my poor husband who has too look at these piles of yarns that seem to be taking over.

We are also providing garments for those who are less fortunate or ill, and I hope to have more information on this in the future.

Remember we are glad to make custom orders, but prefer to keep our one of a kind mindset. Any time you need your item wrapped special, let me know we can take care of that for you and mail you gift on its way.

So keep posted, hope to see you soon. Contact me with any questions and ask about volume discounts, if you don't see what you are looking for ask me about it and hopefully we will be able to accommodate you. Take care.

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Join my *Blue Sky Knitting Club* for occasional News, about the shop., exclusive Private Sale invitations, and complimentary shipping promotions by sending an email to bpenatzer [!at] I hope to have our newsletters our shortly.

Additional information on custom orders

Will be glad to work with you on custom orders; however, we now have to change our policy due to recent issues with custom orders. We now require at least a 50 % deposit before any materials are ordered and payment in full before the garment is started. In addition, we will review your feedback levels for other purchases. We are sorry to have to do this but a few sour apples ruin it for the rest. Thanks for your understanding.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.