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"Life is too small, if you waste a moment at a time." Hi! Let me introduce you to this person I don’t really know yet. Myself. I know what I want to be. Self-sufficient. Accomplished. Satisfied. Practical. Serviceable. Reliable. I could go on, but I don't think that you're that interested. What I do know is that, am not there yet. I am a work in progress. I have a massage therapy practice established by my father in the early 70's and I have always been his side-kick. After I settled as a licensed professional in that world, I still felt the need to grow as a person. I have always tried to beat my own path but, I must fulfill the role I have chosen. I have a spiritual side, that is the most important part of me. I love to write my thoughts down. I draw pictures, even at my religious services. (I call those notes) I draw on the walls at home and even with ketchup and hot fries all over our small towns burger joints. My mother says I always picked up rocks or anything shinny and brought it home in my pockets after school. All became pets I named. I do not like to throw anything away. Everything must have multiple purposes and many uses. Now, to organize all the above interest is a lot to do, to say the least. I have two lovely grown daughters that have finished raising me and a supportive husband that can almost run as fast as I do. With all that said, wouldn’t it be a waste if I didn’t try to make this life of mine work out? At 55, I have decided to sprint into the exciting world of sales and establish myself as a shop owner. I employed all three of me and a few friends and foes and here I go. My daughters cheer, as I try to steer. I make and sell pieces of April. I share big chunks of Ivory. I even let you buy Roy’s Yor line, which is my husbands name spelled backwards and all things created by him. As far as my life, it is for you to enjoy and see, but I have the privilege to be, Me.

A Branch On The Beaded Tree - by Mary G. Perez

In the forest there are many trees.
I had the privilege to be, from a certain one.
Curly was it’s bark and pointed was the limb,
that finally came to be, the one that they called, Me.
My mother is like no other.
Creations were her required.
Money was always short.
It did not grow on trees.
Most had not, like we,
because Mom, caused it to be.
At first I felt the curse, had overcome our family,
until I decided that she, was blessed and unique.
I was just a branch on the beaded tree,
and so are my daughters, as you are about to see.

I write. I draw. I bead. I knead. I still can not even see, your shadow, to follow thee. Thanks Abuela, my Mother, for all you have ever taught me.

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