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The collection of porcelain spoons, masks and figurines was formed as a result of searching for new remedies of artistic expression.

The major point behind these creations was a vision of creating items with an outstanding and unique character, as well as the visual shape shifting transformation of a simple and shapeless media such as clay formed into an object that possesses meaning and power.
Referring to the art of the surreal object; a simple yet essential item used daily such as a spoon became a pretext for creating a situation when in the creative process an impersonal object becomes of quality to provoke the viewer into a visual game.

My inspiration also comes from the distant era of the Middle Ages when a spoon, aside from its purpose was also a sign of wealth and power (used to as a prop for coronation of kings). This object was not only an impressive table decoration but also a kind of amulet, a symbol of a new beginning and happiness (newborn spoon). The way in which I decorated the spoons also comes from the medieval tradition of when spoon handles were decorated with the faces of apostles, knights and angels.

The faces on my spoons are the product of my imagination and do not relate to specific people. While "dressed" in costume from the past, they exist on the brink of reality and fairytale. Each of them has its own personality and character by which they become exceptional and unique.

Masks and Figures

The masks and figures are the direct outcomes of my work on the spoons; a move beyond a small object. They have become a field for me to study and express human emotions. Just as the spoon caricatures, they not depict specific people. They are rather the essence of personal experiences but also have universal significance. They are carriers of emotions that everyone can interpret in their own individual way.

The eyes are the most important aspects of my masks and figures. The whole truth of mankind in enclosed in them. Their painting process is the most time-consuming and crucial moment of creation. It determines their uniqueness as well as the embodiment of their emotions and personality.

My masks and figures penetrate influences from the art of medieval, Renaissance as well as folk art. The head covers or costumes hold a secondary importance, however their task is to underline the duality of the mask. On one hand they have something to hide and on the other they tend to highlight. "Installing" a face in the frame of a costume gives the opportunity to showcase what to me is the most important – human emotion.

The Creative Process

All spoons, masks and figures are made out of porcelain. The premises of this material still teaches humility and patience. On the other hand, they give out huge possibilities for creation. All of my work is modeled by hand. I do not use any molds. Therefore, each spoon, mask or figurine is unique and unrepeatable. After sculpting the facial details of my works, I leave them to dry. I then paint them with underglazes and fire for the first time to Cone 04. After this is done, I do a final touch up with other glazes and fire it again to Cone 6.

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