brooksbot75's Shop Announcement

Happy New Year everyone. I've been super busy with a new transformation of my shop productions with the (attempted) addition of a computer controlled cutting and finishing machine so I can better keep up with this growing store. Along with the new machine will come a variety of new designs I can't do on the current machines. I'm still not quite there yet so please be patient as I'm still working the bugs out. In the mean time I'll also be working with some of my part time helpers in getting the backlog of order out the door too you over the coming days.
Also, I have notice a bug uptick in orders from the UK but due to....not quite sure what...I've been getting some returns marked "Unclaimed". Seems they don't put a lot of effort into letting you know your package is being held in customs so please please please, INCLUDE A PHONE NUMBER with your address. Also, thanks to a customer who's been through it got some numbers -

this one is for CUSTOMS: 02476 212870 (people i had to ring to find out time and charges and when they 'sent it through' etc. they really didnt want to answer my call so keep on TRYING that one!)
the PARCElFORCE people are the ones that normally are used in conjunction with USPS guys apparently so here they are: 0844 800 4466. Also this one should be able to tell you 0300 057 1111 - its a complaints line so! hehehe. hope that will help you :)