bsiripo's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my Shop!!!

Handmade by me.

Here you could find the variety of decorative arts and design made from my art, crafts, illustration, design and pattern. All my items would be great for home decor, nice ornament and perfect gift.

Little about me====

I lived in Bangkok, Thailand.

After my current company stopped the business in Thailand last year I have discovered that I am crafty person.
I love art and enjoy creating beautiful & stylish artwork for decoration.
I took many courses about artwork and crafts such crochet, knitting, quilt, sewing, creating jewelry before the company closed. It has not been my hobbies anymore right now.

It only seems right that you'd want to find out as much as you can about a seller before making a purchase, especially for something as important as my items at my shop.

I'm a relatively new seller to etsy but I've been involved in designing and creating my items for quite some time. Most customers have been local referrals by word of mouth and many have bought more than once then recommended friends, helping my customer base to grow!

I always get good feedback from my family and friends so that is why I have decided to make more handmade crafts, paintings and sell them on Etsy…. to expand my business channel.

Thank you very much for your support and interest in my store and creation.

My email address is bsiripo [!at]