BubbleOffPlumb's Shop Announcement

More COLLAR COZIES & REFILLS now for sale at the NEW GreatBigBeautifulDog shop!

My name is TheMistressT and I am a Maker. Bubble Off Plumb Productions is my company and we make fun. Any project I can giggle my way through is a good project.

Bubble Off Plumb Productions Inc. is a smoke-free, cat- & dog-friendly, potpourri-unfriendly, often be-glittered studio.

VARMINT VOODOO dolls available in the following editions:
Ant, Aphid, Armadillo, Bear, Beaver, Bedbug, Bobcat, Cicada, Cockroach, Coot, Crow/Raven, Deer, Duck, Feral Cat, Flea, Gopher, Grasshopper/Locust, Jellyfish, Mosquito, Possum/Opossum, Rabbit/Hare, Raccoon, Rat/Mouse, (Sea)Gull, Shark, Sharktopus, Skunk, Slug, Snake, Snail, Spider, Squirrel, Termite, Tick & Wasp/Hornet.

Human Varmints: Loud-mouthed Jerk (male) & Shrieking Harpy (female).

See the shop policies for other information!