buddyschild's Shop Announcement

Just started my Esty Blog: and it is all about my life on ETSY.

I am a renaissance artist, running a renaissance shop where people can come and find just about anything; from the curious to an original design, all straight from my desk.

Some of the work I do outside of Etsy ends up here such as the Sunflower picture. This was an original drawing I did while teaching a young lady how to draw. Drawing is a passion of mine. It is also a great gift given to me from the universe. I am so-o-o-o grateful for this gift. My personal present I sit in wonder all the time at because of the fact I love being able to do a drawing anywhere and anytime!

Expressive, Original, Unusual, Progressive, Vintage, and with a dash of lace, I present Buddyschild, one of my online Etsy stores (yes I said stores). My dog Buddy, is my muse who is helping me live a wonderful life and I am his Child for he is my first dog. We have been together for 7 years, he is eight now and full of personality.

This is my Facebook page for life in general and a place that showcases the good opportunities in life.

This is my dog's Facebook page. He has dog wisdom worth sharing!

See all of my work at or

Thanks for stopping by.

Current Coupon Deal:
NOTUGLY123 and GET 10% OFF ANYTHING YOU BUY. Recently was marketing my stuff on Twitter and saw this hash tag, "#HowToTurnDownAUglyPerson" and was so repulsed by it I made a coupon code to fight this with every sale made. Thank you for agreeing we are all beautiful in this world!

Oh and this last thing: I have created a Team here on Etsy to help out my fellow Etsy's vendors manage to get more exposure and sales. Please join the Team Treasury fun at: