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We draw on the walls...
And tables...
And toys...
And eggs...
um... bathroom floors!

Tangled Artist Comes Out of Her Shell

I've been an illustrator my entire life. One of my earliest works became the logo for my first rubber stamp company. I've continued the tradition (of harvesting kid art) with my own children - my son started his own line of stamps at age four - and my daughter is the youngest published Zentangle® artist. Her creation, the Lilah Bean, is the star of a comic book and loved by tons of kids (and quite a few grown-ups too).

Bumblebat, my Etsy shop, started out selling my self-published book, AlphaTangle, in 2009 (or so) and now sells all my books as well as tangling supplies.

I hope to start adding in more of my original artwork and rubber stamp designs.

Originally a determined introvert, I am passionate about creativity and teaching/helping people (of all ages) to remember the joy they felt when drawing and coloring. Everyone still has a spark of creativity in them - igniting that spark can change lives!

2015 - Updated story:
I applied, and was accepted to The Center for Cartoon Studies to get my Masters in Applied Cartooning! Yeah me! But now I have to come up with the tuition and then move to Vermont. So I am sorting through my studio and trying to pull out all the extra supplies, etc. I will be listing them here for your shopping pleasure. ;-)
Sandy Steen Bartholomew
owner, maker, designer, curator, Queen Bee
I'm an author, illustrator, enterpreneur, teacher, artist, mom... and a gazillion other things.
The Lilah Beans
Lilah Bee
designer, Staff Illustrator
Alex Bee
Boy Wonder

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