butlerglassworks' Shop Announcement

It is my pleasure to present to you some of my workings in Fused Glass. I am always striving to make Art Glass Funktional and affordable to all that love Art. My pieces are always one of a kind....even if part of a set....variations are desired to really capture that Handmade quality. To that end......I usually refrain from "cold working" (grinding) my pieces too much to HIGHLIGHT the liquid nature of glass. One of my joys is to control my firings to achieve the desired effect which can include casting crushed glass, trapping air to create bubbles,encouraging strategically placed holes,and "just" tack fused maintaining the glass cut shape yet rounding the edges. With some of these techniques, glass painting, and more..... anything is possible!

If you have an idea....convo me! Nothing is Taboo.....even tattoos in glass......I can do it! As I am a Full-Time Mom and a Full-Time Student, any custom orders will be done as time allows......if you have a deadline PLEASE let me know and I will make your glass asap. Thanks!