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My off white cotton 5 foot rug on display before shipping out.
Sold, love the feedback left by the customer!
Making my own stretched canvas
Drawing a lion

From Painting to Crocheting

Hi! My name is Camille and I am an obsessive compulsive creator from Jamaica. The U.S.A. has been my home since 1991. I was awarded the Maria Edna Effing Portfolio scholarship to the Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated with a BFA in Computer Art and Animation. All that painting and drawing came to a screeching halt once I had my daughter in 2002. I had no idea such a tiny thing could be so demanding! I found I no longer had the time or energy to paint/draw so I packed everything away. It didn't solve my problem of needing a creative outlet so I tried scrapbooking for a while which didn't last.

While strolling around Walmart one day I spotted a book on teaching yourself to crochet. Not sure what sparked, but I bought it and a couple skeins of yarn and just could not stop. It was portable and I could stop and start as needed. Someone offered to pay me to make a blanket which made me think I might turn my new found hobby into a source of income. I found I loathed craft fairs/shows so I looked around online and found Etsy. I have been working at my shop off and on since 2008. Finding myself divorced after almost 18 years of marriage, a single mom and as of 4 years ago, unemployed I went at it full blast. I have even become friends with a wonderful Etsyian who happens to live nearby and she taught me how to knit!

In 2011 I took a chance and submitted some patterns to a couple magazines have had several published! I've also had a couple of my rugs requested for photo shoots.

Published Patterns:
*May 5th 2015 - Baby Brights: 30 Colorful Crochet Accessories (Book)
*July/August 2012 Crochet today! Bollywood Bangles - I made the cover!!
* May/June 2012 Crochet today! Bodega Baskets - Pg 23 AND Mademoiselle Scarf - Pg 64.
* April 2012 Crochet World. Aromatherapy Eye Pillow - Pg 48
* September/October 2011 Issue of Crochet today! magazine. Broomstick Lace Neckwarmer - Pg 18.
owner, maker, designer, curator, crocheter, knitter, painter, packer & shipper etc
I make everything in my shop myself!

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