hand knitted socks and mitts

My favorite work place!
The Scrunch Sock....a custom request from a client became a pattern and my best seller!
Always knit pair of socks at the same time. Stash socks in the works, obviously using a lot of extra yarns in my stash.
Eyelet Lace sock developed and designed…so pretty this became a pattern.
Heart Clog Sock…always special to knit a custom sock for that special day.

Designer Discovering Etsy!

In 2008 saw an article in the WSJ about Etsy and thought I would investigate the web site.

Prior to reading the article I was working in Graphic Design and co owed my company but always had my hand in fiber arts and crafts. I have knitted for as long as I can remember and spun and dyed yarns naturally. I had always wanted to have a shop that I could share my designs but could never do it until that Etsy article. I had sold items for friends before but Etsy intrigued me as the client base was world wide and you could reach so many.
I am still working in Graphic Design and Etsy has become a wonderful way to extend my desire of someday having a full time shop. That day may come but until then I will keep my sticks and strings intertwining... the rewards have been pure joy and I thank my lucky stars for the day I read the article.
Jean Murdoch
designer, Hand Knitter and Designer
Graphic Designer, I have been knitting this side of forever and I now realize that knitting is the yin to my yang. Love to knit and develop new styles for socks and mitts. Busy fingers make for sharp minds and bodies...and the rewards are pure joy.