byrdbathsoaps' Shop Announcement

My soaps are all about 4.5 oz.
All Byrd bath soaps are made from natural ingredients.
Most are scented with Essential oils.
Some are scented with Fragrance oils.
Check the individual listings to see for sure or CONVO me with questions.
All my soaps are colored with natural ingredeints like herbs, spices, and micas (stone pigments).

My prices are not as high as most soaps this size. I live in a small rural community in the Missouri Ozarks. We have a rather depressed economy here. I charge the prices I do because if I charge more my friend's and neighbors couldn't buy my soap. Heck I couldn't afford to buy my soap.
Oh one more thing, soap is heavy. I am sorry but it is so it costs a lot to ship. You get the best deal when you reach flat rate shipping but that is 10 bars or more. Go in with a friend and share shipping. It will save you a bunch.
Enjoy your visit here and if you have any questions, please do ask.