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Hi there,

It's ME the who loves cupcakes. I wanted a simple way to make them gOrgeOus without being sugar riddled, and I just love the idea of cupcake wrappers.

I draw each and every one of my designs from scratch with my own two hands. No patterns or cartridges here. I assemble each one with love and patience and then package it up to ship across the world.

All of my products are completely made out of paper and will not harm the environment. They will decompose naturally and feed the earth. There is nothing good for you about sugar. There is nothing good about plastic. It's so important that we find ways to celebrate with good nutrition and think about the environment.

My Shop Blog has custom party designs, party photos, and ideas.

I am Team Captain of the Etsy Alberta Street Team.

As long as you keep eating cake, I will be here... :)

On a personal note I am completely organic, gluten, grain and sugar free.

For my sugar, gluten and grain free recipes see my blog:

Party On :)
owner, maker, designer, curator, Boss
I am a one woman show........This started as an adventure, a hobby, then I bought so much card stock I needed a bigger room, a bigger desk, a bigger shelf, (you get the picture) I now do this full time!

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