the *cutecurious* world of Ana Camamiel

Luz, Pepiscina and Marisol
Meowlissa and some Lovesong dolls
Paperdolls: Susto, Trampolina & The Bride of Frankenstein
Sea lovers!: Maimiti, Ballenina & Mambo

Welcome to the imaginary *cutecurious* world of Ana Camamiel

A million creatures inhabit my mind.

Strange girls, monsters, pixies, carnivalesque beings, candy people, elves, vampires, zombies, pirates, fairies, seasick sailors, witches, aliens, halloween nurses, weird circus members, echoes of pop culture and all sort of unknown species.

I simply try to make them tangible using my own designs and different media. Once they are made, they don´t belong to me anymore and they start a new life with the wonderful persons who adopt them.

I´m forever grateful to all the visitors, collectors and great Etsians that take a look to my shop. I am always happy to answer any question or special inquiries.

Enjoy your visit! Have fun!
Ana Camamiel
owner, maker, designer, curator
I´m a Spanish self-taught artist, the one and only guilty party in this madness. I make ooak dolls, paper dolls, illustrations, pixielves, ornaments and many other unmentionable things. I am also a collector of art in pursuit of intriguing beauty.

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