camelliatune's Shop Announcement

(1) ❤ Hi, Camellias. Happy Holidays to you and your Beloved ! I ♥ You xoxoxo
(2) ❤ Custom plus size to petite. PLUS SIZE AVAILABLE!
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❤About New Collection: Awakening❤
Introducing: Awakening. Our latest lookbook celebrates spring with the prettiest ruffle dresses, pastels and delicate and feminine clothing. The blanket of winter snow has thawed, and the blossoms that have been hiding in the midst of the cold season have finally begun to peek through. The world is awakened, and just as the colorful hues of spring begin to show. Awakening, depicts a lifestyle inspired by beautiful butterflies and a the spring garden collection infused with a beauty found in nature alone.

❤What camelliatune members believes ❤
I get started with my family memebers and understand from first hand experience how much love and energy is required to make a business like this, in industry like ours work. It can be soul-destroyingly cut-throat and the competition is fierce. Intensely fierce. Because of this, I have a great deal of admiration for the small, independent designers who are driven more by passion, than profit and follow a path that allows them to truly express their creativity and what they love. Now, At least I am brave to say, our brand CAMELLIATUNE are what, in my view, makes my customers so very special.

Recently lots of customer asked me:"Tracy, why you deactivate so many lovely items? Why won't you sell them anymore?" It is a hard decision. My marking partner strongly opposed my idea as etsy highlights those best sellers items. it will be a big loss for us. But a designer should challenge herself and refresh her works. We Camelliatune cannot relay on our old finishes. Continue to innovate! Will you be the camellia with us?

❤About our dream family: Camelliatune❤
About Us:
Camelliatune: Designer Handmade Linen Clothing for Women. "Small is Beautiful" : We are professional linen fashion craftman. Featured products: linen dress, scarves and wool clothing.
Tangible, Sensual & Personal.

❤ About Designer: Tracy
“Tangible, sensual, and personal, ….they suggest that craft and design are ultimately about the relationship established between makers of the things and the individuals who, by selecting and using those things, complete the creative process.”
Handcraft, natural materials, and traditional techniques are which I treasure and value most. Through my own handmade clothing, I wish for people would put aside the attitude of consumerism and cherish the rarity of the things made by hand and feelings that come along with.

I work very small and become completely engrossed in details. A lot of my inspiration comes from Tang Dynasty folk art and 20th century styles, brief luxurious design, but also everyday life and all sorts of romantic notions and nostalgic recollections.
Tracy 2015