Caribbean Rose Pirate & Vintage Millinery Emporium

caribbeanrosepirate is currently not selling on Etsy We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

caribbeanrosepirate is currently not selling on Etsy

We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

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Last updated on October 30, 2011

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Ahoy me hearties!

Caribbean Rose Pirate Queen bids a hearty welcome to all ye pirates, buccaneers, corsairs, privateers, sea captains, scalawags, scoundrels, old salts, sea dogs, blaggards, scurvy dogs, mermaids, sirens of the sea, selkies, wenches, feme fatales, brethren of the coast, and land lubbers too.

Me pirate emporium be filled with the finest collection of custom designed, hand blocked, hand crafted, pirate hats to be found in any sea port. Me model may be a saucy wench, but me hats be for both lasses and lads as well. Sink me, but ye can also find mermaid and sea siren crowns, glittering jewels, and hair clips, and masquerade and grand ball masks, 'cuz sometimes a pirate be needin' to disguise his identity. If ye be ready to weigh anchor and set sail for pirate festivals and events, renaissance festivals, pirate or living history reenactments, LARP events, period customing to-dos, Costume-Kon, Comic-Con, Otakon, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, or art music or theatrical events, ye will be wantin' to look yer swash-bucklin' best in a costume designed pirate hat.

All our Caribbean Rose exclusive, originally designed pirate hats, be made from the finest Velour fur felt ,parasisol and milan straws. Each hat is hand dyed, hand-blocked, hand-stitched, and embellished by me own two Caribbean Rose Pirate Queen hands, to be sure. Authentic pirate hats made by an authentic pirate queen. It don't be gettin' more piratical than that, now do it ye scurvy dogs.

Accepted payment methods

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Returns & exchanges

See item details for return and exchange eligibility.


We accept Paypal or credit card payments only.
Full payment must be received in advance before any work will be done on a hat.
If ye have a particular pirate vision in mind, contact us by email to discuss the creation of a custom design hat. Please include your phone number in case we need to call you.
Pictures and fabric samples to match will be welcome, and necessary if ye be askin fer a particular color. Prices will be quoted for each custom order. Payment to be made in full before work is begun. Caribbean Rose reserves the right to charge an additional custom design fee, if she be needin to acquire additional supplies to create yer new hat.


Shipping is $20.00 per hat for most locations in the US. Shipping time can be 2-3 days in states near to my location in Maryland, and 7-10 to the west coast. If ye be needin faster shipping times, first check with me to be sure that I can create yer custom order in rush time( fer which there may be an additional fee) and then there will be an additional overnight shipping fee assessed as well. Please discuss this with Ol Rose BEFORE ye place yer order.

Me normal turn around time on hat orders be 4 to 6 weeks. During me busy times, which includes holidays, as well as anytime I have alot of orders to fill, the full 4-6 weeks will most likely be needed on hat orders,( plus however long it takes the post office to ship to ye) but Caribbean Rose always tries to get me hats out faster and will ship ASAP whenever possible. Be sure to order in plenty of time for yer piratical event or festival. Please don't assume Caribbean Rose can get yer orders to ye really fast like, or conversely, that she be too busy to get yer hat to ye in quick like time, ALWAYS EMAIL TO ASK , BEFORE YE PLACE YER ORDER, if her royal hands can fly about working piratical millinery magic, and get yer hat to ye in a hurry. If there be not too many orders, and with faire winds behind me, it just might be possible. If ye be wantin' extra fast shipping, email to be sure first that Caribbean Rose can make and ship yer hat as fast as ye need it, and second, fer an expedited shipping rate, An additional overnight shipping fee will need to be charged . PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE YE BE PLACIN YER ORDER.
If ye place yer order expectin it to get to ye fast like, and never communicate to me that ye desire to receive it faster, or pay a rush fee, or overnight shipping, Ol Rose will NOT be able to get yer hat to ye fast like, due to yer not contactin me to ask if it be possible, BEFORE PLACIN YER HAT ORDER. LIkewise, if ye place yer order and expect to receive it fast like, and don't ask if that be possible, or pay rush fee or overnight shipping, sendin emails after the order is placed will not be sufficient to get yer order to ye faster. IT MUST BE PLACED AS A RUSH ORDER AT THE TIME IT IS ORDERED, OR IT WILL NOT BE RUSHED. Saavy?

Additional policies and FAQs

All me hats be fitted with an adjustable head-size ribbon to allow them to fit multiple hat sizes. I block most of me pirate hats on a twenty three inch, or twenty four inch, wooden hat block. I can make your hat in twenty one, twenty two inch, twenty three inch, twenty four inch, or twenty five inch hat size. Measure yer noggin by wrappin' a measurin' tape 'round yer head, just above yer eyebrows. No tape measure? Use a piece of string, wrap it around your head, and measure it with a ruler.

All smaller doll/cocktail/size hats are non head-size hats, which fit every head size.


The hold of Caribbean Roses Pirate ship be too small to store pirate hats and pirate treasure too. We make up each hat one at a time as we receive orders. Ye can be sure ye be not gettin' a pirate hat stamped out by the thousands in a factory over seas. Caribbean Rose be makin' yet pirate hat to yer custom specifications, one beautifully hand-crafted hat at a time.

Special Custom Orders:
Caribbean Rose will be happy to accomodate yer custom requests, and can design a hat ye be dreamin of. Once a custom order is taken, Caribbean Rose interprets as she sees piratically fit, as she be the designer. There are no returns, refunds or exchanges for Caribbean Rose hats, as they are ALL custom designed. All hat designs, whether a current Caribbean Rose Pirate & Vintage Millinery Emporium style or a custom request, remain the sole property of Caribbean Rose Pirate & Vintage Millinery Emporium. Your payment purchases a hat, and not rights to any design Caribbean Rose has created. Caribbean Rose retains all rights for all her designs, and may offer all her designs for resale as she wills. Caribbean Rose reserves the right to add a custom fee, if she be needin to purchase extra supplies to make yer hat fer ye. Prices will be quoted in yer intial parlay and work will begin once ye have an accord on the design and doubloons have been exchanged.


Sumptuary laws be damned! Caribbean Rose be outfittin' her pirate brethren in only the finest of Velour fur felt, parasisol and milan straws, silks, satins, ribbons, laces, and jewels. 'Cause we pirates dress as we please to sail the high seas.


Milan straws offered in black and natural. Velour fur felt offered in black, chocolate brown, cinnamon brown, hunter green, light beige, burgundy,purple,royal blue, lavender, ultraviolet, old rose, light blue, light pink, bordeaux,silver grey,and red. Depending on color of hat base, Caribbean Rose will choose matching fabrics and trims. As dye lots may differ slightly at times, there may be slight color variations from time to time.

Our hats be handcrafted one order at a time, as we receive the order. There may be at times substitutions of trims, ribbons or materials as necessary. Caribbean Rose is a heartily grand pirate hat designer, and ye can leave it to me to make good design decisions. Caribbean Rose will do me piratical best to keep yer hat as near the one ye ordered as possible, but remember, each hat is custom designed just fer ye, and the designer may take creative license here and there, in order to make yer hat its grandly, piratical best. Me hats be not stamped out in a factory overseas, by the thousands and sittin on a shelf gatherin' dust. Me own pirate queen hands craft each and every design, so there may be design or materials variations from time to time.

Caribbean Rose suggests ye purchase a hat box to store yer pirate hat when not swashbucklin, or sailin the high seas. Velour Fur Felts and wool felt hats may be lightly brushed with a soft cloth or soft brush to remove dust. We don't advise ye wear yer pirate hat creation in rain or squall. When yer new pirate hat arrives, we suggest a couple adjustments to make it fit just right. Adjust the headsize ribbon inside, to make it tighter or looser to fit yer noggin'. Brims are wired, and can be LIGHTLY, GENTLY adjusted, to get the proper piratical attitude brim angle you prefer. Obviously, any wire if bent back and forth too much, will break, so adjust carefully.

From time to time, Caribbean Rose be droppin' anchor and makin' port at various piratical, historical, theatrical and other celebratory, pirate type events. There she'll be spikin' the mainbrace with plenty o' good grog, singin' sea shanties, boastin', braggin', pillagin', and plunderin'....

NAH, Caribbean Rose be keepin' to the pirate code.
Ye can meet her in person, see all of her piratical offerings and wares with yer own two pirate eyes, and she'll be happy to relieve ye of all yer pieces of eight or doubloons.
SO check here often for dates and events.
YO HO HO a pirate's life fer me.

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