caribbeanrosepirate's Shop Announcement

Ahoy me hearties!
Thanks for sailin' in to Caribbean Rose Pirate & Vintage Millinery Emporium, to see me fyne, custom designed, handblocked, pirate hats.

Caribbean Rose Pirate Queen bids a hearty welcome to all ye pirates, buccaneers, corsairs, privateers, sea captains, scalawags, rogues, rapscallians,scoundrels, old salts, sea dogs, blaggards, scurvy dogs, mermaids, sirens of the sea, selkies, wenches, femme fatales, brethren of the coast, and land lubbers too.

Me pirate emporium be filled to the gunwales with the finest collection of custom designed, hand blocked, hand crafted, pirate hats to be found in any sea port.

Me model may be a saucy wench, but ME HATS BE FOR BOTH LASSES AND LADS AS WELL.

Sink me, but ye can also find mermaid and sea siren crowns, Renaissance headwear, and even a masquerade mask er two, 'cuz sometimes a pirate be needin' to disguise his identity.
If ye be ready to weigh anchor and set sail for pirate festivals and events, renaissance festivals, pirate or living history reenactments, LARP events, period costuming to-dos, Costume-Kon, Comic-Con, Otakon,PyrateCon, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, or art music or theatrical events, ye will be wantin' to look yer swash-bucklin' best, fer high seas highjinks in a custom designed pirate hat.

All me Caribbean Rose exclusive, originally designed pirate hats, be made from the finest Velour fur felt, 100% wool felt, and milan straws. Each hat is dyed, hand-blocked, hand-stitched, and embellished by me own two Caribbean Rose Pirate Queen hands, to be sure. Authentic pirate hats made by an authentic pirate queen, for all ye pirates. It don't be gettin' more piratical than that, now do it ye scurvy dogs.

Be sure to visit our other millinery shop,

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where you will find tilt toppers, victorian,1920,30,40 and other beautifully handblocked hats based on vintage designs.
New items going up daily so check back often.

Caribbean Rose Pirate Emporium be a proud sponsor of DANCES OF VICE FESTIVAL III, The Grand Shipwreck Ball.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day, September 19
Caribbean Rose be the official pirate milliner to the web wench o'Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Cast yer weathered eye upon me other shop, LaBelle Oiseau at, fer altered art earrings, jewelry and trinkets.

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