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Thanks for stopping by my shop! I hope you find something woolly here to love.

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I create beautiful handknit items and I especially enjoy working with handspun yarn. I spin my yarn on my lovely ladybug spinning wheel, and before I got her, I spun single-ply yarn with drop spindles. My handspun knits up beautifully into unique and colorful projects, especially cozy fingerless mitts. My plied yarns are strong and versatile, and my singles add beautiful embellishments to brighten up most any project.

I also love to dye! I mostly use Jacquard acid dyes (with gentle apple cider vinegar as the acid to set the dyes), and when I just feel like playing with crazy colors, I do a few batches of Kool-Aid dyed yarn. Sometimes I dye my handspun yarn, sometimes commerically-spun yarns, and sometimes wool rovings.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll check back again soon for something new!