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Hi! Yep, this is us! (Photo by The Photo Booth Guys)
Photo taken at A Darling Affair, Sunshine Coast, July 2014. Photo by When Elephant Met Zebra
Photo taken at A Darling Affair, Sunshine Coast, July 2014. Photo by When Elephant Met Zebra
Photo taken at A Darling Affair, Sunshine Coast, July 2014. Photo by When Elephant Met Zebra
Wooden signs by Cartamodello Papeterie. Photos by Nicole Barralet Photography. Styling by Fashionable Society Events.

Cartamodello: from doomed fashion beginnings to a flourishing passion for paper...

"Cartamodello", in Italian (a language I love), is a word meaning "paper pattern", as in clothing design. Clearly that is not what happens in this store, but why I chose it as a shop name is kind of an inside joke (with myself).

Many years ago, my sister and I had these brilliant dreams of becoming fashion designers. The designs I (and I'm sure she, also) had in my head were incredible; really fashion-forward, edgy, a touch of vintage (without being cliche). I could visualise it so vividly it was almost overwhelming.

Unfortunately the dream never became a reality because, as it turns out, it's a lot harder to put those brilliant visualisations on paper. (Like, virtually impossible. I admire those who can do it!) ... Plus neither of us are even remotely good with a sewing machine. Example: The last piece of clothing--albeit a costume--I made with my sewing machine involved me tangling myself in knots trying to thread the thing (what's-it-called), then breaking a bobbin (which didn't fit the machine), which eventually resulted in me being forced to staple the fabric together in a haphazard fashion. Stylish.

Something I AM good at, it would seem, is creating designs on screen and on paper. And dressing events. So, somewhat ironically, "Cartamodello" became my store name: a wink to my weakness... and a nod to my strengths.

It started out as a hobby: I would play around on my computer in Adobe Illustrator and design invitations and other fun party items. I never actually used them for anything, but before too long I had a collection of about twenty wildly different designs. Some were okay, but others I was very impressed with.

I started doing some free design projects for friends: a wedding here; a housewarming there; even the occasional logo. Then I realised (probably years too late): maybe I could actually do this as a job? Even just on the side?

So here we are today. I chose something that I love to do and I never feel like I'm working. I love that I've met so many beautiful people through my designs, and I adore that I can contribute to their special events in some small way.

I'm forever experimenting with different styles and designs and a lot of them will never make it to the shop. Sometimes I get bored of a design. Usually if I don't love it, it doesn't make the cut. Everything on display at Cartamodello Papeterie has been designed with love, so I hope you cherish them as much as I do!

Please remember I'm always available to do custom design work. Just drop me a line and I'll be happy to help you. Or even just drop me a line to say hi! That's always nice, too :-)

Side note: While I do all of the design work, Cartamodello is a team effort. My partner, Chris, is amazing. He supports me in everything I do, and he's particularly supportive of my little online shop. He's the business mind behind Cartamodello a lot of the time. He helps me strategise and encourages me to market myself more effectively (which I'm terrible at). So I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful man, who is ever so supportive and lovely ... even if he doesn't actually ever read this :-)

Thanks for reading this far... and welcome to Cartamodello, home of printable (and printed!) delights!
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